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To create a safe place and a peaceful sanctuary for people to be in inquiry, learn, play, eat and be free; propelling the next generation into our connected future of life skills in permaculture. 


To live in a world where people are educated, passionate and appreciative of the world they live in, how it sustains us, is intrinsic to us and to create the place for that education to come about.

About Us

VegVan community Farm is a sanctuary to promote nutrition and wellbeing to children and young adults.

We have a 2 acre site in the Midlands and we hope that by providing an outdoor space where people can learn hands on nutrition and wellbeing skills, they will  gain a wider perspective on the benefits the outdoors can bring, thus opening up a different lifestyle option, one they may not have been considered before. 

We are creating a community who will develop skills by interacting with our after school and alternative provision services. These skills will not only improve their overall nutrition and well being, but that of future generations too. Whilst learning these skills, the community will also help to rewild the land and create an organic diverse seedbank. We believe this education is important to the survival of humanity.

#1 Organics

Permaculture Farming for Better Life and Future

Think of the positive outcomes when applying permaculture to your life

Annual grocery saving per person, per household:
Increase in grades and overall attention or engagement, in one school year:
Annual Increased Nutritional intake:

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