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About VegVan

VegVan community Farm is a permaculture sanctuary that promotes and teaches nutrition and wellbeing to THE COMMUNITY, ESPECIALLY children and young adults.

We have a 2 acre plot of land in the Belton, Leicestershire for the community where people can learn hands on nutrition and wellbeing skills.


We are creating a community who come together to develop and exchange lifelong skills by interacting in permaculture, sustainability workshops, group visits, screenings, events, our after school club or our alternative provision service.


These skills will not only improve our overall work/life balance, health; nutritional intake and well-being, but that of future generations too.

Whilst learning these skills, the community will also promote, learn and understand earth care, people care and fair shares in helping to re-wild this plot of land. All attendees can take and apply that knowledge at home, in business and create their own organic biodiverse seedbank for us all to nurture and eat. 


We believe this education is important to the survival of humanity.

Our wonderful volunteers always find that they turn up wondering what they have been missing, potentially lonely, isolated and detached from nature. It always takes a little effort to leave their homes and get out to us but they love it when they do and they always leave with a wider perspective of life and a holistic view of the benefits that nature can bring. 


This opens a door to different behavioural attitudes, perspectives, lifestyle choices, more options and things they may not have considered or been able to do before, like growing food and making fuel rather than buying it.


We are creating a community who will develop skills by interacting with our after school and alternative provision services. These skills will  not only improve their overall nutrition and well being, but that of future generations too. Whilst learning these skills, the community will also help to rewild the land and create an organic diverse seedbank. We believe this education is important to the survival of humanity.



My name is Terri Mowle. I am 35 years old. I grew up on the outskirts of London, in Harrow with my mum who has Bipolar. I spent my childhood caring for her and my younger sister. Whilst this does not define me, it is an insight into who I am today, my nurturing side, my passion and why I chose to do what I am doing.


My grandparents who we’re only round the corner gave me space from everyday life to have some resemblance of a childhood in their bountiful veg patch, grown in their garden. Here is a picture of me with my grandfather being a child. 

‘To Live, To Love, To Learn and To Leave your Legacy!’


Stephen R Covey


My grandfather sadly passed away last year and I felt it was time for me as his legacy to leave mine. Herein VegVan Community Farm CIC was formed.

In my opinion…the most relevant component of the 3 tenets; earth care, people care and fair shares, is the people part. In transformation, we say ‘speak to the person who can do something about it’, and that my friends is us, so sing the song loud and clear and make sure you are heard. Get involved and be a part of the magic that keeps the world alive.

Nature will right itself. No egoic mind can do that for it.

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